We offer the best and most advanced 3D technology on the market for the production of durable metal objects with complex dimensions. The ‘AM’ in the company’s name refers to additive manufacturing – a 3D printing technique that is based on the addition of successive layers of material.


CCustom is a young and growing company that offers new kind of design power for mechanical design in metal and electronics industry. We are made to service our customers and we do it with our longstanding design experience and knowledge of conducts of various industrial branches and organizations.


The main line of business of the companyt is industrial design and research and development services. I also do transfer 2D plans and modelling into 3d, CNC-programming on Mastercam, design business cards and logos and photography including image processing and manipulation.


iam design Oy offers wide range of services related to product design and space design. In addition to that we do packaging design, graphic design and service and concept design.
Our way of action is to include the customer into the design process, thus creating together an efficient work environment for a successful project!


Materflow is a professional 3D-printing service founded in 2013. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art technology and skilled service staff. Combined with a large collaboration network that guarantees a wide range of possibilities and assured quality. Through us it is possible to get rapid prototypes as well as end products. Mass production is also possible.


Production Software is an industrial software house that helps industrial companies to get more out of their IT and automation systems. This purpose it achieves by delivering its customers various consulting services and SMARTMES® manufacturing execution software.


SmartUp Ltd helps you when need
- tailored training in service or solution business
- human resource development
- performance improvement or employee motivation


In addition to its own network R&D Network Lahti works in tight collaboration with the following parties:

Lahti Mechatronics Network 

LAKES - Lahti Regional Development Company and Lahti Mechatronics network organized a networking event for their members in Messilä manor on August, 23 2011. There a small group put forth an initiative to unite their powers and to start a cooperation – a real life active cooperation, not just lipservice or big words on a piece of paper. And thus R&D Network Lahti was born.